How to write code on your phone

Programming on the phone


People are increasingly starting to ask: What is it like to program over the phone? Is it convenient or not? Probably every beginner programmer who seeks knowledge and wants to program everywhere – has always asked himself all these questions. Of course, it was influenced by such a rapid development of technology. In a short time, typewriters have been replaced by laptops and personal computers that can solve very complex problems.

If you look at the development of phones in general, they also began to evolve very quickly. At first touchscreen phones were not properly perceived, but now such a smartphone is an indispensable part of every person. This is the answer to the question, “Programming with a phone – where do people get these questions and thoughts?” Almost everyone who is even slightly familiar with programming will tell you that programming on Android or Apple smartphones is extremely inconvenient and unnecessary. They will be partly right, but it is still possible, and let’s figure out how to do it right.

Programming on the phone

In what cases can it be useful to program on the phone?

Programming on the phone is a long and complicated process, which does not bring as much pleasure and inspiration as programming on a PC or laptop. However, it often happens that there is no possibility to take a laptop with you, but you need to perform the task or just want to program. In such cases, the phone can come to the rescue.

Programming on the phone using various services and software

There are many services that can help you program anything. The main thing is Internet access and a display with input. One such service is the very popular Ideone.

Ideone is an online compiler and debugging tool that lets you compile source code and run it online in more than 60 programming languages.

Such online services make it easy to compile the code you can write there. The choice of programming languages is usually extensive and constantly updated. At least new versions of programming languages are added.

There are also highly specialized programs such as the Java Compiler and others. You can easily download them to your smartphone. Programming on your phone consists exactly of such programs and services, because doing it in the terminal, as on Linux, would be extremely inconvenient. One of the best terminals on Android is Termux.

Why is it worth programming with your phone? Convenience and an unambiguous answer

As you have already guessed, programming on the phone is extremely inconvenient because of the small screen and the lack of a full keyboard. Of course, you can connect a keyboard via OTG, but why? Why not buy a laptop in that case, because you can take with you the keyboard, which in most cases is not much different in size from modern 13-inch laptops! Another factor that speaks against programming on Android and Apple phones is the lack of professional software. There are only highly specialized compilers or online IDEs. As you understand, they can never replace full-fledged programming environments.

I think that programming on a smartphone makes no sense, because it requires a lot of time and concentration. It is certainly possible and can even be useful to someone. However, I think it is better to study the material that can help you in development, because the smartphone is very suitable for this. You can always watch a video course or read a book on the road or lying on the couch. Use your gadgets properly, and I hope I was able to give you the answer to this simple but very popular question.

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