Virtual number for sms receiving for free

Virtual number to receive SMS

How to get sms online via the Internet?

To receive sms online, there are special sites that provide a virtual number to which you can receive sms. I will tell you about the best services for receiving sms online and how to use them correctly. All of the sites in the review are free and do not require registration.

This article will be constantly updated so as not to lose its relevance. So if you know other services that provide a virtual number for receiving sms, send the link in the comments. I mean, something sensible and useful for users, but not advertising some crap site!

By the way, there are similar services for receiving e-mail. Such sites provide a temporary mailbox, which in conjunction with a good anonymous proxy or vpn can reliably hide information about the sender, i.e. about you. Do not forget that sending e-mail allows the recipient to know a lot of important information about you such as your IP address, your location, etc.

Virtual number to receive SMS

When do I need a virtual number to receive sms? There are many different situations. Receiving sms online can be used primarily to improve anonymity. Using virtual numbers, the user can avoid being tracked on the Internet. Here are examples of the use of SMS receiving services.

  • To receive an online confirmation sms.
  • SMS online via the Internet can be used when registering on social networks, classmates, vkonatku, etc.
  • Also receiving sms online may be needed when registering mailboxes.

Virtual number without registration

In this chapter I will talk about online services that do not require registration. These sites can be used when you need to get an sms online quickly and for free. You can send sms to such virtual numbers only if it does not contain any sensitive data.

Sensitive data for me is not the activation code or the password and login as long as the link or name of the site from which the sms was sent is not specified. This information can be not only in the visible part of the email, but also in the technical headers (RFC headers) of the email. We told you about it in the article “How to know IP by mail”. The link was above.

Here’s an example of how you can’t use a virtual number without registration. The password and login of some poor guy I soaked, somehow do not want to participate in your hacking.

Some users do not take into account what I said above and by such ill-considered actions lose access to their own and other people’s accounts. Therefore, if you dig on these sites, you can find a lot of things to eat. But, do not forget that the use of other people’s data for authorization, too, in a sense, hacking. And as you know, hacking in any country is punishable by law.


Let’s start with the Sellaite website. This site allows you to get free sms online using one of the numbers available at the time.

The service does not require registration. To receive sms online, go to the site page and click on the available number.

Free service to receive sms

Keep in mind that the number provided for sms can change at any time. Therefore, register to it only what will not require future confirmation and binding to the number.


The next site is called Receive-SMS-Online. Among the possible virtual numbers are often Russian and Ukrainian. Which can be very useful for our audience.

No registration is required to receive sms. Go in, choose a number and send an sms.

Receive SMS Online for free

This is another common public virtual number for receiving sms, so it has the same rules as the first service.


FreeOnlinePhone – the site provides online numbers for receiving sms. Russian numbers are not seen, but in spite of this site works steadily.

Receive sms on virtual number online for free


ReceiveSMSOnline – another service that offers a virtual number for free. At the time of writing the service provided only British and American virtual numbers, although the description talks about at least two other countries: Canada and Sweden.

Virtual number for free

During the testing of this service there were delays. From one source the SMS went about 20 minutes, from another about 30 minutes.


Receive-SMS is another site that provides a virtual number for receiving SMS for free and without registration.

Receive sms online only for 9$ in month

In addition to a free virtual number, offers the sale of numbers. The price for one number for one month is $9.


The next service is ReceiveFreeSMS. It offers a virtual number for free. And not a number, but a whole bunch of virtual numbers from different countries.

SMS to any number in the world for free with this tools

This is the best service in my opinion. I will pray for its health, I hope it will live long enough to please anonymizers.

Keep in mind. Some major sites identify a virtual number and refuse to send texts to it. This happens very rarely, but it happens. If you cannot receive sms on a certain number or on any service at all, then do not get upset, try another one. It is also worth bearing in mind that virtual numbers are not durable and tend to change frequently.

That’s about it. In fact, I wanted to supplement this list with other sites for receiving sms online via the Internet, which, although they require registration, but have a richer functionality. But the article was a bit delayed, and I decided that the continuation will be in another article. So subscribe to social networking sites so as not to miss it.

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