How to find the tor network onion sites

Tor search engine or how to find the Tor network onion site?


The first question that comes up after launching the Tor Browser is, “How do I find the right site here?” Yes, this is the most common question about Tor on the web. People don’t even bother to configure Tor properly, which greatly improves anonymity. But it would be more correct to start acquainting with the Deep Web with this.

Well, let’s assume you already set everything up and know everything, then let’s move on to the main topic of today’s article, which is how to search in tor.

There are three important features that make deep web searches different from the normal operation of a search engine:

  1. Links between onion-sites (sites on the Tor network, having a domain extension .onion) are rare, as a consequence, the algorithms that use backlinks do not work very well.
  2. It takes time to browse the entire site because Tor is slow.
  3. Onion sites change addresses quite often.

In addition, we should consider the fact that such services in the hidden network may well be created by the intelligence services. Of course, they do not create them to make your life easier, but as “honipot” traps. In order to de-anonymize and identify Tor users, thus compiling a database of criminals buying illegal goods or looking for illegal content. After the guys in suits find enough material on a particular user, he or she can be arrested.

Do not be alarmed, I will try to tell you about the most reliable and verified in my opinion resources, but you know I can not guarantee anything. It is difficult to understand who is behind the scenes of each site.

Tor search engines

In fact, it is very difficult to make an overview of Tor search engines. It would require special methodologies and metrics, which I unfortunately do not have at my disposal. So before we get to the review, I would like to warn you. Everything you are about to read is subjective!

Tor search engine Grams

Let’s start with the search engine Grams. Judging by the name and the logo on the main page, the search engine is designed to serve drug addicts. I am far from this business, so I did not dig there. But I noticed that in addition to this “goodness” user can find quite useful resources.

Grams search engine in TOR

In general, the search engine is of low quality. The search engine is rather cluttered with all kinds of junk.

Tor search engine not Evil

Not Evil is another search engine on the Tor network. In terms of its functionality and quality it is absolutely as good as its competitors. On this resource you will never see any advertising. Thanks to well thought-out and constantly improving ranking algorithms, it is quite easy to find the information you need.

Not Evil search engine - tor search network

Using not Evil will save you a lot of time and keep complete anonymity. Very simple and intuitive interface. Previously, this project was called TorSearch and it had a fairly large audience. Search results are ok, but it is still far from being perfect.

Tor search engine Torch

Torch is not a bad search resource for the Tor network. The search engine stores a fairly large volume of indexed pages. According to the service to date has been indexed about a million pages. Sometimes slows down, but overall works well.

Torch Search Engine in TOR

The search engine earns money by advertising onion sites, the quality of which is sometimes questionable. I even had to blur the banner in the screenshot, so as not to scare people.  Search engine extradition is far from perfect. For example, in the first positions at the top instead of large portals can be completely incomprehensible crap. This is not always a disadvantage (as you know in the presence of extra time bullshit can also be quite interesting).

Tor search engine Fess

Fess is another Thor search. It’s not the most popular, but it’s not bad. It looks good. No ads. Pleased with the relevance of search results.


The home page in English says “If you want to add your site or complain about a site with illegal content email me. Wow manual filtering even! That makes me happy. After all, not everyone uses Tor to find illegal porn, buy drugs and guns.

Tor search engine Candle

Candle is just another search engine for tor sites. It’s just like all the others. Nothing particularly brilliant. They stole the logo design from the great Google. Well, why not. No one on the darknet would be punished for that.

candle search engine that works with words in tor

Tor search engine Ahima

Ahima is an initiative of the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, a non-profit organization that supports Tor and develops the anonymous communication services Globaleaks and Tor2web.

Ahima search engine in tor

This site allows you to search many Tor directories and is accessible from both the deep web and the regular web. There are ads, not many, but they are there.

As I said before, searching for onion sites does not always live up to expectations. This is not Google and Yandex, where sites are ranked according to various criteria, such as, for example, behavioral factors, backlinks, etc. It’s much worse here.

Catalogs of onion sites are trying to solve this problem. By the way, such directories were widely used in clearnet (conventional Internet) when it was just beginning its development in the distant 90s. In a sense, this article is just such a directory, in which I have selected the most relevant search resources.

This is not the end of my review of onion site search tools. In the near future I will tell you about directories of onion sites. So if you don’t want to miss it, you can subscribe to us on social networks and to the newsletter. That’s all for today, good luck to everyone and safe searching in Tor!

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