how to spam any phone using android

Spam to any phone with Termux on Android



Spam attacks can lead to data loss, which is illegal and punishable by law. This article is for informational purposes only and does not call for action!

Spamming on Android phone with termux

In this small but no less useful article I will tell you how you can literally flood any phone with spam.

To start spamming other android devices, you need to have:

  • android smartphone;
  • termux.

Installing Termux and the necessary dependencies


This method uses a python 2 version that will not support in 2021.

Go to the Google Play Store and download Termux. After downloading the terminal emulator for Android, open it and enter the code:

pkg update
pkg install git
pkg install python
pkg install python2
pip2 install requests
git clone
chmod +x Spammer-Grab-1
cd Spammer-Grab-1
chmod 777
python2 (phone number)

It only remains to run our spammer with the following command:

python2 number (without +(plus)).

You can stop a spam attack by quitting the app. You can also create multiple attacks in termux by simply swiping to the right and pressing the “New Session” button, then enter the following command:

cd Spammer-Grab-1
python2 the number (without +)

To reduce the delay of spam messages, enter the following command:

python2 --delay (delay) (phone number) without the brackets!
termux spam using Android phone
Example of a spammer on an Android smartphone
Also you can install the spammer archive from our site.
  1. I installed spammer grab in termux and everything work well. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. I was spammed con termux on my friend phone number as a joke. Thanks for tutorial. Spammer grab termux works good but has delay in few seconds.

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