why instagram crashed on my phone

Why Instagram is crashing on your phone


Recently, Instagram users have been increasingly faced with glitches in the official application on Android and iOS.

Many people encounter an application that hangs on startup. Updating the news feed can also lead to a cyclic freeze (infinite update). Personally, I’ve encountered such a hang once or twice, but a simple restart of the app helped me.

Instagram has repeatedly experienced hangs and crashes. In the first case, the application froze during the activation, no loading took place, only animation.

In the second case, there was an application failure and the user logged out of the Instagram account.

A few reasons why the application does not work correctly

  • Mistakes made by the developers themselves. On the official instagram forum, developers have acknowledged a glitch on the Android and iOS platforms where the app immediately crashes when connecting to an account. This may apply to a specific account.
  • Instagram is one of the best apps for collecting cache, which can result in it weighing gigabytes and you won’t even be aware of it. Because of this problem, when the cache isn’t cleared for a very long time, the app may not start or crash.
  • Older version of Instagram. This item is a two-way cause. Because of the old version, the app may not start or crash.
  • New version of Instagram. Everyone knows that an app can come out raw, and a new update is likely to have one or even a few new bugs. There have been times when the Instagram update broke the connection to the databases, and many users could not log into their accounts. They either didn’t exist or were incorrect.

3 ways to solve problem:

  1. Reinstall app or update instagram to actual version

    This option is probably the most popular, because not all users update their applications, including me, well, in the most extreme cases, users just do not want to suffer, download updates, and sometimes for this just not enough traffic, which in recent times is not small.
    To update instagram, you need to go to your application store, for android is Play Market, and for Iphone App Store. Then find our application, in our case instagram, and if it has an update, then press the update button.
    If it doesn’t have an update, then go into your phone settings and delete the entire app, including the app cache. Then just install the instagram app on your phone again. The instagram cache can also be too big, and sometimes instagram takes up a lot of space because of this.This error should also go away.
    But it happens that this method with reinstalling instagram does not always help, in this case there is a second method that is also quite effective.Reinstall your instagram app

  2. Install the old version of instagram app

    Sometimes this error appears immediately after updating instagram to the latest version, in which case just roll back to a previous version of the application. For this, Android users can simply download an old version of the Instagram app. It contains all, absolutely all versions of the instagram app, so there should be no problem with choosing the right version.Install old instagram version

  3. Help with logging in to the instagram (not for everyone)

    In the app itself, there is an option to recover your password and help you log in to your account.
    The button is barely visible, but you should see it in the screenshot.
    When you click on the button, you will be prompted to enter your username and then follow the instructions, you must give access and be able to log into your account.
    There is also an option to turn off the internet when you log into the app, but as for me, this method is not even worth considering, as it is tedious and not convenient to constantly turn off and on the internet again after 5-10 seconds.Try to contact instagram support

Google Services do not work on android phone

The crash of apps, including Instagram, may be caused by a glitch in Google’s services.

There are many factors that affect the proper operation of the Android operating system.

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  1. For a long time instagram has been giving me an error on my Android smartphone. Thanks for the methods to fix the error. I reinstalled instagram and completely updated the app cache, it helped.

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