What to do if Google Services not working on your Android

Solve problem with Google Services on Android


For a long time, users of Android-smartphones face the problem that Google services do not work or Google services do not respond. Often these are smartphones of brands Meizu, Xiaomi, Realme and others, from Chinese manufacturers. The problem is often associated with smartphone certification, as manufacturers have to pay more and increase the final cost of the smartphone.

What to do if Google services do not work on your smartphone

Let’s take a look at what to do and what are the reasons why Google services may not work.

To begin with, I want to talk about the reasons:

  • custom smartphone firmware;
  • no Google certification;
  • not updated Google services.

Custom smartphone firmware

The custom firmware may be one of the causes of the problem. If it is not developed by professionals and does not include support for services, or it may just be for Chinese smartphones that you installed on a global smartphone, this may be one of the reasons.

The solution is to update your smartphone to the official firmware from the smartphone manufacturer.

Smartphone is not certified by Google

If the smartphone is not certified by Google, it will not properly support Google services out of the box, and they will work with errors.

This problem exists on budget smartphones Meizu m3 series and below, as well as the m5. Unfortunately, Meizu M3, M3s, M3 Note and below series smartphones will no longer receive Google certification, as the smartphones are outdated and the company will no longer update them. Huawei has a similar problem with Google services.

However, on the new smartphones this problem no longer exists, and you will not encounter such a problem as “Google services do not work.

To solve the problem of Google services not installing and not working on your Android smartphone, you need to download the latest version of the Google Services apk file.

It is worth mentioning that to install services, you must allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the settings.

This can be done using the following path in the settings.

Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources.
How to allow install apps from unknown sources on Android

After installing the apk file, you need to add a Google account and update Google services using the Play Store app store.

Google Services not updated

Here it’s simple, the reason for the failure of Google services can be an outdated version of these services. Many people complain about the constant updates and the large amount of memory they take up on their smartphone. However, if you want your phone to work flawlessly and not run into problems like this, you need to keep your software up to date on a regular basis.

To check the list of available updates, go to the following path:

Play Store -> My Apps & Games -> Updates.
Google Services Update using Google Play Market

Let’s sum up

If Google services do not work on your Android smartphone, try to understand the reason and fix it. In this article we have described the existing problems and methods of solving them.

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