Install TWRP without PC

How to install TWRP Recovery on Android with/without PC


TWRP is a custom recovery that is installed on Android phones. It has touch controls and advanced functionality. On some phones TWRP is installed instead of the stock recovery, and on others it can run only with a special utility.

TWRP allows you to:

  • install unofficial firmware;
  • install add-ons and patches;
  • connect to a PC via USB in removable storage mode;
  • connect to PC via USB in ADB mode;
  • create backup of the whole firmware or separate firmware parts (system, settings, installed programs);
  • restore the data from a previously created backup;
  • wipe – data/factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik-cache, wipe battery stats;
  • format and create partitions on the memory card.

TWRP Recovery menu structure on android smartphones

TWRP Recovery menu structure
TWRP menu structure – install without PC

The structure of the TWRP menu is significantly different from the stock menu, here is a complete list:

  • Install – install any *.zip (,,, etc.)
  • Wipe – clear data from Android device:
    • Cache – clear /cache section.
    • Dalvik Cache – clear Dalvik Cache (in Android 4. 4, if you have ART.
    • Factory Reset – clear all partitions.
    • System – clear /system.
    • External Storage – clear external memory.
    • Internal Storage – clear internal memory.
    • Android Secure – clear android_secure section.
    • Wipe Battery Stats – clear battery statistics.
  • Backup – system snapshot with the possibility.
  • Restore – allows you to restore system from image.
  • Mount – mout system:
    • Mount System – mount /system.
    • Mount Data – mount /data section.
    • Mount Cache – mount /cache section.
    • Mount SDCARD – mount /SDCARD section.
    • Mount USB Storage – mount USB flash drive, connected via OTG.
  • Settings:
    • Zip file signature verification settings.
    • Force MD5 check for all zips.
    • Use rm -rf instead of formatting: – delete files instead of formatting when clearing partitions.
    • Skip MD5 generation during backup: – disable checksum generation during backup.
    • Ignore image size errors during backup: – ignore file size errors during backup.
    • Time Zone – used to select time zone.
    • Restore Defaults – designed to reset settings to default.
  • Advanced – for advanced settings:
    • Copy Log to SD – copy operation log to file on memory card.
    • Fix Permissions – to fix access rights to files and partitions.
    • Partition SD Card – Create partitions on the memory card.
    • File Manager – file manager.
    • Terminal command – adb console.
    • Reload Theme.
  • Reboot the device.

Also, if you have Android 6.0+ on your phone, you can go into the developer settings and see which cache (Dalvik or ART) you are using. This comes in handy if you decide to do a Wipe. By default, Android 5+ uses the Dalvik Cache.

Ways to install TWRP Recovery – quick and easy

How do I install TWRP Recovery on my smartphone? The answer is quite simple, if you are familiar with flashtool. TWRP is installed via fastboot or a flashtool program, for example.

No serious skills and abilities are required. Just follow the link and download the archive, which you install through Recovery, transferring the archive to your memory card beforehand.

You can also easily get Root access via TWRP.

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