Get root access on Android in one step

How to get Root access on Android without risk


Today we’re going to talk about how to get Root access to Android without the risk of being left with a brick. I’ll share my experience of using a phone with Root and tell you why you need it in the first place.

What gives you Root access as an Android smartphone user


  • complete customization of the system is possible;
  • running programs that require Root access;
  • managing networks, gaining access to them;
  • using various Sploits to hack and control anything;
  • the ability to manage as a Super User – for example, in Termux;
  • changing the configuration of your device (scammers often use this to sell it);
  • processor and video core overclocking.


  • the warranty period is expiring;
  • possible malfunctions in the system;
  • no air updates.

And this is not the whole, but the main list of features that provides Root access for Android. Personally for me Root access on my smartphone has become a necessity, without it I see a lot of restrictions, and the phone is used for social networking, camera and for calls.

How to get Root access to Android in one step

Many people refuse to get Root, afraid of losing the phone and being left with a non-working brick. Now even from this state it is possible to get it out, but if you don’t know, it can cost you a lot of money. There is a rule of thumb that you should always use a native USB cable to update the firmware. In my experience, I can say that this is an optional item, I have flashed phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and none of them has never turned into a brick.

If your phones are not Meizu, I can recommend using KingRoot

How to get root access on your android phone with kingroot

KingRoot is an application that allows you to root your Android device in seconds. 

KingoRoot is also a good program that performs essentially the same functions. With it you can also get root access via PC debugging. Why these two programs? Before your device is rooted, it is scanned for possible risks. This way, it protects you as much as possible from errors and malfunctions of the device.

How to get root access on your android phone using kingoroot with pc

If for some reason you dIf for some reason you did not manage to get Root using the above programs, use the SuperSU

SuperSU is an administrative “super-user” application that allows you to manage all installed applications. Overall, this app gives you full control over your Android mobile device. I also recommend using it after getting Root, so you can manage permissions for different apps. 

How to get root access on your android phone with supersu

3 steps to install SuperSu for getting root access

  1. Go to Recovery

    Reboot your phone and go to boot menu.

  2. Install from flash

    Select «install from flash» from menu in recovery mode.

  3. Select app

    Select the downloaded version of SuperSu. Wait until the app is installed and the process is complete.

Here’s how to get root rights on your android smartphone.

How to get Root rights to Android apps

Today we have learned how to get Root rights for absolutely any device without any risk. On Meizu it’s even easier, in the security settings Root is allowed and that’s it. Despite this, some manufacturers lock the bootloader, which can affect the process of gaining Root access. However, that is a topic for another article. If you found this article useful, share it with your friends and write a comment, because this way you support the author of the site.

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