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Recently, users of Meizu smartphones running the Flyme OS shell complain that notifications from applications such as Instagram, Telegram and other third-party applications do not come. The solution to this problem lies on the surface. The developers of Flyme OS have made it so that permissions for applications in new versions of the operating system are not initially issued.

The default setting is “on demand”. Of course, if you are logged in and an app needs access to your contacts, you will be prompted to allow access. But apps don’t ask for permissions for everything they need to send notifications in the background. These can be permissions such as “run in the background,” “use smartphone memory,” and others. Let’s use Instagram as an example to solve the problem of why notifications are not coming in Meizu/Flyme OS.

Application update on Meizu

One of the reasons why you don’t receive notifications on your smartphone may be that the version of the app is out of date. If automatic updates are disabled, you should periodically go to the Play Store and check for updates. Always update apps from official sources so that they work properly.

How to properly provide access to the push notification app

Meizu smartphones come pre-installed with the “Security” application, which we will use to perform all the necessary actions. First of all, you need to go to the “Security” application, to the “Permissions” section.

Where to search permissions for push notification on Meizu

After that, go to the “App Notifications” menu item. Here we need to grant access (check the box) to the necessary applications, such as Instagram and Telegram.

How to provide access to the necessary applications

After the first step, go to the Application Access Control section. Select the application for which you want to set up notifications. For example, in my case it would be Instagram.

Application Access Control section

Here it is recommended to provide full access to the system, so that the application is not restricted in any way in obtaining the data necessary for correct operation.

Full access to the apps that have to push notifications

These steps will help to solve the problem with the fact that notifications are not coming to your Meizu smartphone, which runs Android with Flyme OS 6, 7 version shell. You should not perform these steps with all applications, as it can affect the autonomy of the device. It is better to give access to those applications that you really use and you need to respond quickly to incoming messages.

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  1. The problem with the android notification panel on meizu has been active for me for a long time. At this point the problem has been solved by uninstalling the third party launcher. Thanks for your help.

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